Steak- How to

9 Apr

Oh man, never have i ever cooked a steak to such perfection. This method come from Man Made, a DIY site for men, or as they put it “Creativity and the Handmade Life for the Postmodern Male.” That’s right.  And these guys got steak right. They say this works best for a 1.5/2 inch cut of steak. I used a rib-eye.

  1. Salt your steak. Do so liberally. With coarse seat salt (I used a smoked maldon). They recommend do this at least a day ahead, or up to three. I did maybe 15 mins ahead and still worked. About an hour before going to cook, take out steak and let get to room temp. Just before cooking, sprinkle with pepper. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Heat oven-proof skillet (i used cast iron) on stove. Lightly coat pan with a neutral oil (like canola, with high smoke point) and heat until just smoking.
  3. Lay meat down. Leave for two to three minutes (i did 3) to get a good sear. (resist temptation to pick it up and look before this). Flip over. Cook another 2 mins. Adding in flavoring. For this I used one smashed clove of garlic and a nice pat, maybe 2 tsp of butter. Butter will melt and brown, baste your steak with this. Can also add spring of rosemary or thyme, or leave out aromatics.
  4. Then transfer pan to oven. 5-7 min for rare, 7-10 for medium. I did 7 min and it was perfectly pink.
  5. Be sure to let it rest 5-10 min before cutting into it.

Didn’t make tonight, but another snackobacko fave trick is after take out of pan, deglaze with some glugs of leftover red wine. Heat on high, until it reduces and thickens slightly, such that if you graze your pan with a wooden spoon it’s leaves a visible path that holds momentarily. Pour on steak and enjoy.


One Response to “Steak- How to”

  1. jacobsjj1982 April 9, 2017 at 10:28 pm #

    This looks really good – and absolutely Ron Swanson approved

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