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Peanut Sauce

25 Aug

This peanut sauce recipe. It came from Chris’s co-worker. We had gone over to their house in the before times and they made this with delicious Vietnamese spring rolls. Anyway, she wrote this peanut sauce recipe on a piece of paper, which we dutifully hung on our fridge and made repeatedly because it’s so easy and delicious. I was recently distressed- thinking I’d lost that scrap of paper in our move– and elated when I found it again a few nights ago. I am putting it here, so that I never lose it again.

What should you eat this with? Anything and everything. I just dined on some with cold soba noodles (tossed w a tsp sesame oil), sliced cucumber, bell pepper and scallion but anything you have around the house could be added. I should have added extra chopped peanuts for crunch. what a fool am I. Also great with baked or fried tofu. Could do with chicken or beef. As a dipping sauce for any veggie or with Vietnamese spring rolls with rice paper wraps stuffed with veg, herbs, rice noodles, tofu or shrimp etc. The list goes on and on. 

Recipe note: I would definitely include the grated ginger. I used unsweetened unsalted PB, so I added 1 tsp maple syrup just for funsies and used the high end of her scale, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce (and 2 tablespoons rice vinegar). Just do to taste. You can refrigerate leftover peanut sauce and use a little hot water if you want to thin out again.

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