When my sister and I were young, we used to joke that my mother’s version of cooking entailed picking up the phone and saying “Hello, Dominos?”  But as we got older, my mother began to experiment a little more in the kitchen. She was the sort of woman who couldn’t be bothered to make stir fry, but would undertake on 8-hour roasted tomatoes (which my friend Chrissy and I devoured in a single sitting). If she was going to cook, it would be good, and well worth the effort. After she passed away, I began leafing through her cookbooks. In them, I found recipes from my childhood- along with to-do lists and love notes from my father tucked between the pages. To my delight, when I began recreating these dishes, they tasted just as I had remembered them. This experience inspired me to embark on my own cooking endeavors. I began to use recipes not only from my mothers cookbooks, but also scouring the internet for new ones. With so many recipes available these days- I thought it would be nice to create a place where one can find recipes from actual cookbooks or where the legwork of internet searches has been done for you. Rest assured, that if you find it here, I’ve spent all afternoon comparing recipes and reading countless reviews. Also, please note that I just started cooking 6 months ago. So, if I can do it, you can too. It might require some time and an adventurous spirit, but it can be done and it will taste good. Snacko backo is a phrase my mother used to say- and I don’t know why- but it stuck.


August 2010


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