16 Jan

ginger lemon honey

When we got sick– my mom would make hot water with lemon and honey. Amazing how good– the simple things are. This takes the spice up on that home remedy– just a bit. Let’s call this a cold buster in a mug. * scratch that sentimental story– my sister said this was more something our Grandma would drink– out of those clear teacups, every night, and maybe it had something to do with weight loss? somehow the wires of our memories have crossed. but cold buster or weight loss, seems like a win win.

I drink this hot like a tea– but can also make extra- throw it in a mason jar in the fridge. boom- you got one of those $9 cleanse juice drinks. you could even add some cayenne in- if that’s your jam. or i’d prob prefer- cardamom- will give it a shot and get back to you.


Take about a 3-inch piece of ginger. Best way to peel the skin off? scrape a teaspoon down the side (learned that trick at ballymaloe and it works ten times better than any peeler or attempting with a knife). Cut ginger into dimes.

Thrown in a saucepan. Add two mugs of water. A rounded teaspoon of honey. Juice from half a lemon (that wooden reamer gets the most out of things). Add a pinch of turmeric. Turn on medium-high. Then i like to cover and leave on for at least 15 minutes?  bringing it up to a boil. the longer it goes- the more the ginger spicy it gets. Obvs- more honey if you like it sweeter- less ginger if you want it less spicy. 

That’s it. pour it in a mug. if you want to use a little tea strainer- can do. or can just avoid pouring the ginger dimes in your mug.

The ginger/turmeric addition is also inspired by Reed, who also– inspired this amazing purchase. Knife Sharpener & Honer. Do you know how much easier it is cut with sharp knives? This is probably one of these easiest- can’t fuck it up– methods.


2 Responses to “Ginger/Honey/Lemon/Turmeric”

  1. Anonymous January 16, 2014 at 10:10 am #

    this looks delish – where was this recipe during the polar vortex?

  2. reed January 22, 2014 at 4:53 pm #

    Oh Vermont! land of herbal remedies, sharp knives, and Calvinist home heating policies 😉 The office ladies were just discussing Cincinnati chili and couldn’t agree on the five condiments.

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