Cold-Brewed Ice Tea

1 Jul

cold brewed ice t

i was in a w. village coffee shop— and saw Cold-Brewed Ice Tea… and though i am a massive proponent of cold-brewed ice coffee— i was like– wtf is this? an excuse to charge $4 a mason jar? but of course- then i looked it up- had to try for myself. and now i’m a convert. dammit. But I conducted a side by side test. On the left here… a cold-brewed Mint ice tea– on the right– I did a traditional- make hot tea, then chill over night. I endorse some experimentation in your tea flavors- I used both a green tea and a chamomile tea bags on the right. How do you make your ice tea? Next stop- i want to try the sun method– i heard it was popular among grandmas- leave tea and water in the hot sun all day?

cold-brewed ice tea
fill mason jar with cold water. add tea bag. cover and let sit in your fridge overnight.
the site with this “recipe” – the kitchn- says they like to have without ice diluting the flavor.
and on another note- also made this week- refreshing summer salad. Spinach Avocado Grapefruit salad. 

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