New Kitchen! New City! New Breakfast obsession

12 Sep


Apologies on the MUCH overdo post. It has been a busy month– moving out of brooklyn and into cambridge, starting school etc etc. And while tears have been shed that the park slope co-op is no longer just around the corner, I am making do with Cambridge’s numerous farmers markets. The biggest thing about the new apartment- is the kitchen. We might have upgrade the subtitle of this blog to Tessa’s Not so Tiny Kitchen. It is not that it is huge– but just to brag for a second– i have a dishwasher, garbage disposal and full size oven (new cookie sheets to buy!). And probably most importantly- a gigantic counter. So I mean, I feel like i’m moving up in the world. I have a just about a million recipes to post from my cooking class in Ireland. But this one seems the most pressing– as I can’t go a morning without it.

This recipe originates from Darina Allen’s Forgotten Skills cookbook. However– I have changed the measurements for ease of American use.

2/3 cups rolled oats

2/3 cups water (i use boiling. i think hot tap would work fine too. and apparently some people use apple juice)

1 teaspoon honey (or more for taste)

1 pint raspberry (those small containers) can also use blackberries or really anything else. or just apples

1 small apple (grated) or half of a giant one. don’t let that deter you- it takes like 30 seconds to grate an apple

Take a big bowl. Add oats. Add water. Let stand for 10-15 minutes for oats to soften. can pour of excess water if there is any. grate in apple. add in raspberry– I like to crush w. clean hands as adding in. Add honey. Mix all. Tastes best when made the night before.

To serve. I HIGHLY recommend serving as Darina does- w. dark brown sugar and jersey cream. Instead of cream- as I don’t have cows on my fire escape- I eat w. yogurt, just a touch of brown sugar and bananas. I do think this touch of brown sugar tastes better than an overload of honey.

OK Try it. And get back to me.



2 Responses to “New Kitchen! New City! New Breakfast obsession”

  1. Phil September 12, 2012 at 12:35 pm #


  2. Anonymous September 12, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    that’s weird….i’ve been in this new kitchen….i don’t remember being offered this delicious breakfast treat….

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