Mom’s Cranberry Chutney

1 Nov

Thanksgiving comes a couple weeks early in Brooklyn.  I love this recipe- so as soon as I saw cranberries on the shelf at the co-op, I thought I’d make it.  I’m not sure where my mother got this recipe– I couldn’t find it last year when I looked in all her cookbooks- but luckily one of our family friends, Randi, had it.   Very fast and easy- takes about 15 minutes. Keeps for a while in the fridge.  Oh, and I am going to add this to the category of a– not just for holiday delight- can also use on the aforementioned chick, cran & brie sandwich, w. some turkey cutlets, in yogurt, or on its own.    It is that lovely combination of sweet & tart.  Colorful, beautiful and delicious.  Cranberries, at least the Ocean Spray kind, come in packs of 12oz.  So I think it is a bit more practical to have the recipe in those terms– see parenthesis for reduced amounts.

***Addendum: Last time I made, used only 3/4 cup sugar and still good. Perhaps yielding a more tart than sweet result. Would recommend starting at 1 cup sugar and can add more sugar as desired/to taste. Also made the sub of fresh ginger, chopped finely instead of ground and liked it very much.

16oz fresh cranberries [120z]
2 cups sugar [1 3/4 cup]
1 cup orange juice [3/4 cup-  about 3 oranges]
1 cup raisins [3/4 cup]
1 cup chopped celery [3/4 cup- about 3 stalks of celery]
1 cup red apple [any apple is fine] [3/4 cup- less than 1 apple]
1 tablespoon grated orange peel [3/4 tablespoon, approximate]
1/2 tsp. ground ginger [3/4 of a 1/2 tsp. approximate]

simmer first 3 ingredients for 15 minutes.  Add rest, refrigerate.


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